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Simplifying peering across the globe with seamless, on-demand access to world-leading Internet Exchanges
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On-Demand Global Remote Peering

Remote Peering solution connects you directly and securely to the world's leading Internet Exchanges (IXs), enabling you to benefit from peering in the main global exchanges from anywhere around the world. You no longer have to be physically present at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) to peer with local service providers.

You can now bring your users closer to where the content and services meet with over 220 leading international data centres connected to the Epsilon fabric. We offer capabilities with reliable, cost-efficient and scalable private connections via our award-winning SDN platform, Infiny by Epsilon.

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Remote Peering is a flexible and cost-effective solution for accessing and interconnecting with the global peering hubs, adding resilience and optimising the Quality of Experience on your network.
Seamless Management
Our simple and seamless interface ensures you can control and monitor your connectivity efficiently
Strategic Partners
We deliver access to a growing number of IXs including DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, SGIX, FranceIX, NYIIX, BBIX, JPIX, HKIX as well as other exchanges in local markets 
Quality of Experience
You can improve the Quality of Experience for your end users with reliable private connections to the leading content and application providers
Guaranteed Quality
Our end-to-end SLAs deliver consistent and reliable connectivity to global IXs 
Scalable Connectivity
Infiny by Epsilon enables you to connect to IXs anywhere in the world with connectivity that can be turned up as and when required at the click-of-a-button
Cost Efficient
You can peer seamlessly around the globe without having to invest in the network infrastructure to reach the world's leading IXs
Remote Peering is offered using Epsilon's MEF-certified Ethernet service delivered in granular bandwidth ranging from 2Mbps up to 100Gbps. Using our award-winning SDN platform Infiny by Epsilon, our IX Connect solution allows you on-demand accessibility to the leading IXs in unique and high-growth markets from any data centre connected on our Global Interconnect Fabric.
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Epsilon Partners with MassIX

Epsilon has partnered with The Massachusetts Internet Exchange (MASS IX) to deliver on-demand connectivity to peering points across the Boston Metro area. Users of the Infiny by Epsilon Software-defined Networking platform can click-to-connect to MASS IX and remotely peer with more than 40 content & cloud providers, regional ISPs and higher-education networks.

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Epsilon Expands Its partnership with AMS-IX

Epsilon has expanded its partnership with AMS-IX to AMS-IX Hong Kong. Epsilon’s partners can remotely peer at AMS-IX’s exchange in Hong Kong on-demand via its Infiny by Epsilon Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform.

Bringing Global Content Closer to African Users with Remote Peering

Currently, 42% of countries in Africa lack IXPs which can hinder the ability to peer with leading content providers and Service Providers that are generally present on well-established Exchanges in Europe, US or Asia-Pacific.

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