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Highly secure and interconnected colocation facilities to deploy, host and manage your network, services and applications.
Interconnected Colocation Facilities

Our Tier 3 colocation facilities enable you to establish a cost-efficient and interconnected network presence in new markets. Our sites are strategically located in the world-leading communications and interconnection hubs of London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. We offer flexible and secure colocation options, ensuring maximum up time with around the clock maintenance and monitoring.

Our trusted carrier-neutral facilities offer our partners the assurance of a highly secure and resilient hosting environment, as well as the power of choice for connectivity through a mesh network of high-density, interconnect ecosystem of Carriers, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). We also provide a network stretching to over 220 leading data centres enabling you to connect locally, regionally and across the globe.

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Singapore - New Tech Park
Epsilon Global Hubs Singapore has positioned Epsilon at the heart of Asia and acts as a bridge to some of the fastest growing technology markets in the world.
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Hong Kong - Mega-iAdvantage
Epsilon Global Hubs Hong Kong operates in mega-iAdvantage complex, a purpose-built data centre building in one of the world's largest technology hubs. Our presence in Hong Kong is key for connectivity across Asia
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London - Telephone House
Epsilon Global Hubs London acts as Epsilon's gateway to both the developed and emerging markets of Europe. It is located at its London offices just off Silicon Roundabout in the east end of London.
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New York - 60 Hudson 
Epsilon Global Hubs New York is located in the famous Western Union 60 Hudson building offers one of the leading locations for domestic and international connections.
Our Tier 3 colocation facilities provide a flexible and cost-efficient solution for colocation and interconnecting globally.
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Epsilon offers colocation services that can be easily bundled with our connectivity service offerings. You can seamlessly interconnect with over 220 data centres and connect with more than 600 network operators, CSPs and IXs on our Global Interconnect Fabric.
Highly Secure 
Our facilities are protected with redundant power supplies, multi-layered security, climate-controlled environments and robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
Reduced Complexity
Through a single relationship with Epsilon, you can grow your presence and connect to the world’s communications hubs 
Cost Efficient 
You can drive business efficiency with a cost-effective colocation facility with scalable interconnect solutions
Interconnection Hubs
Our facilities are strategically located in interconnection hubs, enabling you to rapidly connect to a new and existing mesh of networks and partners
Highly Customisable 
We offer flexible and secure colocation options from single racks to suite lines and cages that support scalability as your business grows
24/7 Monitoring & Management
We ensure maximum uptime with around the clock maintenance and monitoring 

EGH SG Facility Accredited Tier3 Site Certification

We are pleased to share that the Epsilon Global Hub co-location facility in Singapore, New Tech Park, has been designed and built based on globally accepted standards and is now certified as a ANSI/TIA-942 Tier 3 data centre.

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OSN extends its presence in Europe with Epsilon's data centre infrastructure

Epsilon has not only provided racks in its data centre facility but also opened up opportunities for OSN to leverage its infrastructure and interconnect with customers, partners and service providers.

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