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Epsilon’s Port-to-Internet Exchange (IX) service, an application within Infiny can directly connect its users to many of the world's leading Internet Exchanges and offer powerful diverse peering capabilities. 

Service Providers no longer have to be physically present at Internet Exchanges and can rely on Infiny by Epsilon, our on-demand connectivity platform to make remote peering simple.

Epsilon’s Port-to-IX service offers a cost-effective solution for interconnecting with global peering fabric from a single hub while adding resilience and improving latency on your network. The service brings you closer to where the content and Service Providers meet and offers the best possible customer experience. 

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  • Interconnected to Over 20+ of the World’s Largest Internet Exchanges 
  • Dedicated Scalable Peering Connectivity On-Demand (from 100M to 100G) 
  • Reduce Upstream and Transit Cost by Offloading to Peer 
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring • 24x7 Technical & Operational Support 
  • Price Includes Connectivity, Port and Membership Fees 
  • SLA Commitment 
  • Access via Web Portal, App or API-Enabled 
  • Terabit Packet Optical Network 
  • Quality of Service (QoS) & Experience (QoE)
Strategic Partnerships
We deliver access to world-leading hubs like DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, UAE-IX, SGIX and smaller exchanges in local markets 

Guaranteed Quality
Our end-to-end SLAs deliver consistent and reliable connectivity to global Internet Exchanges

Seamless Management
Our simple and seamless interface ensures you can control and monitor your connectivity efficiently

Peer without Presence
You can peer seamlessly around the globe with a truly flexible and elastic infrastructure

On-demand Connectivity
Our IXP enables you to connect to Exchanges anywhere in the world with connectivity that is delivered on-demand at the click-of-a-button

Expanding Ecosystem
We are providing presence that spans the globe by consistently adding new Internet Exchanges to our offering 

One Connection

You can connect IX, Cloud and Pay-as-you-Grow through a single relationship with Epsilon

Global Hubs

We enable you to access all the major communication hubs around the world

Trusted Service

We’ve provided network services for over a decade meaning you can peer around the world with confidence

Future-focused Approach

We deliver an innovative approach to on-demand connectivity with a platform that is shaping the future of the industry

Customer Service Excellence

We focus on your big picture needs by delivering customer service excellence on a global scale

A Powerful Model

Our simple and flexible Infiny platform enables you to seamlessly remote peer with on-demand connectivity

Global Presence

We've over 90 points of presence globally


We've over 15 years of experience serving the sector


We've over 600 network operator relationships globally

Dedicated Support

We offer 24x7 dedicated support whole year round

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