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The Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform brings networking into the Cloud era. It provides enterprises and Service Providers with a suite of high-performance connectivity and communications services at the click-of-a-button.

Infiny customers can use the portal-driven platform to order, activate and manage local, regional and global connectivity and communication services. Users can choose from a range of services from port-to-port, port-to-Cloud, port-to-Internet Exchange, SIP Trunking and Inbound services, last mile DIA and SD-WAN services. Infiny can be accessed via a web-based portal, APIs, and Android and iOS mobile apps. No other platform offers the same global reach combined with unparalleled visibility and control. Infiny delivers the flexibility, scalability and quality you need to rapidly serve new global demand while connecting and optimising applications and services.  
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Cloud Access and Connectivity to Internet Exchanges

SIP Trunk Federation

On-Demand SIP Trunking

Enterprise Connect

DIA and SD-WAN Solutions


Geographic, Toll-Free and Premium Rate Telephone Numbers


• Portal Driven Access for Complete User Control • Network Analytics and Customisable Dashboards • Integrated Billing • Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) & Experience (QoE) • API-Enabled • On-Demand Connectivity • Global Interconnect Fabric of 600+ Service Providers, CSPs and IXs • White-Label and Partner Models

Access your services 24/7 with on-demand connectivity that can be provisioned at the click-of-a-button

World-Leading Cloud Providers
Infiny provides direct connectivity to Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and others as well as world-leading Internet Exchanges for direct peering 

Increased Visibility
Monitor and control your services from your smartphone or tablet with the Infiny iOS and Android apps 

Guaranteed Quality
Infiny offers guaranteed end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE), ensuring an optimised experience for end users

On-Demand Connectivity
You can quickly serve the changing needs of your customers with on-demand connectivity that can be provisioned at the click-of-a-button  

Infiny can be seamlessly integrated into your existing platforms and infrastructure 

Truly Global

Our Interconnect Fabric spans the globe meaning you can connect services in 170+ countries from a single platform

Guaranteed Performance

Infiny is supported with intelligent networking technologies that deliver guaranteed quality across our global footprint

Comprehensive Solutions

Infiny gives access to Cloud connectivity, Voice, Data and Enterprise Access from a single platform with the same user experience

A Simplified Approach

We remove the need to manage multiple service provider relationships with procurement happening in silos

New Control

Infiny puts control in your hands and enables you to procure and manage connectivity anytime, anywhere

New Modules

Epsilon will be adding new modules to Infiny to add to its on-demand ecosystem and offer new and existing partners a growing number of solutions

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