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Epsilon’s Global Inbound Services (GIS) give you presence in multiple local markets with rapid access to global numbering. Epsilon's Global Inbound Services comprise of millions of local, national, mobile and toll-free numbers all accessible through a single interconnect. We aggregate and deliver inbound calls to guarantee maximum call quality. 

Our Inbound Services give you comprehensive coverage in over 100 countries and lets you decide between the caller paying for calls, sharing the call cost or providing free calls using our geographic, toll-free and premium rate numbers. We guarantee full control of inbound traffic which are delivered over Epsilon's Global SIP platform using powerful and intelligent features. 
  •  GIS Traffic Delivered on Epsilon’s Global SIP Platform & Global Network Infrastructure
  • Access to Over 220 Countries where Epsilon is Either Licensed or Working with a Licensed Partner
  • Portal Driven Ordering from Infiny by Epsilon
  • API Interworking for Seamless Integration into Third Party Platforms and Software
  • Local Number Portability • Single Interconnect Point
  • Intelligent Routing Features
  • Geographic, Toll-Free & Premium Rate Numbers
  • Low Jitter & Maximum Call Quality-of-Service
A Streamlined Process
Our services do not have any complex rules, restriction or requirements for acquiring inbound numbers 

Automated Provisioning
Our solution is supported with automation that simplifies and speeds-up acquiring inbound numbers

Easy Purchasing
Our self-service model makes procuring numbers a simple, easy and efficient process 

Porting Expertise
We understand the processes around porting numbers and are able to make your experience as simple and efficient as possible 

Growing Global Presence
We are adding new markets all of the time, giving you increased access to local markets 

Unique Global Presence
We offer extensive global reach with unique presence in markets like Myanmar, Afghanistan and others

An Efficient Approach

Epsilon removes the need to use multiple suppliers globally and gives you one simple approach to inbound numbering

Comprehensive Voice Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of connectivity and Voice solutions via our Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform

Exceptional Service Quality

We deliver the best possible quality around the world with a globally consistent offering

Extensive Experience in Voice

We understand what it takes to be successful in Voice and have a team of Voice experts ready to support you

International Reach

We enable you to deliver your voice traffic to more than 100 countries and support your international business growth

World-class User Experience

From start to finish, you get the best possible user experience with a platform designed to be easy to use

Global Presence

We've over 220 points of presence globally


We've over 15 years of experience serving the sector


We've over 700 network operator relationships globally

Dedicated Support

We offer 24x7 dedicated support whole year round

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