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Epsilon has designed its suite of Managed Voice services to make capturing new revenue in Voice simple and efficient. We support the growth of your Voice business with a tailored portfolio of services including TDM to IP media conversion, TDM to SIGTRAN gateway and managed SIP Transit services.

We deliver our outsourced solutions using Epsilon's carrier-grade, high-availability voice network offering end-to-end Quality of Service and Experience to ensure maximum call quality and Voice services for you and your customers.
For mobile and roaming purposes, our signalling service provides a TDM-to-IP SIGTRAN Gateway to interconnect TDM and IP operators for the exchange of SS7 signalling over an IP network. 
The Managed Switch Conversion Service bridges the TDM-VOIP words and provides protocol and media conversion coupled with integrated bandwidth for easier and smoother customer service turn up.
The SIP Transit Service is designed for operators who may seek an international switching hub to route local interconnect traffic. It is aimed at saving bandwidth as no backhaul for non-domestic traffic is required.

• TDM-to-IP SIGTRAN Gateway • SS7 signalling over an IP network • 16:1 bandwidth compression • Fully Managed & Outsourced Solutions • End-to-end QoS and QoE • Conversion Services • Real-time Networking Monitoring • VoIP Security • Mobile Roaming enablement

A Simplified Approach
Through a single relationship with Epsilon you can access a growing suite of voice services and connect to local markets globally

High Availability
We combine end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE) with strict SLA’s to guarantee the quality of your Voice services

Flexible Model
You can rapidly scale up your services to meet changing demands for Voice services globally

Reduce Cost
You can leverage our global network to serve growing demand without needing to invest in your own infrastructure

Fully Managed Services
We have a global team of experts and 24x7x365 customer-centric support to meet your every need and extend your business capabilities

Guaranteed Quality
With our Voice services, you can benefit from intelligent routing and network monitoring to boost performance

Trusted Provider

We have over 15 years’ experience working with the industry and delivering reliable Voice services to the market

Intelligent Networking

Our bespoke, internally developed intelligent networking technology allows you to optimise Voice performance

Voice Experts

We have a global team of expert engineers that are continually innovating and growing our capabilities

Global Presence

We have a dense interconnect fabric of 700+ Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges to connect your Voice services

Unique Portfolio

Our outsourced Voice services address the biggest challenges Voice Service Providers are facing globally

Deliver Complete Solutions

We enable you to combine a suite of voice gateway solutions, and global connectivity to meet the needs of your customers

Learn how you can grow your voice business with a tailored portfolio of services in a simple and efficient way. Tell us more about your requirements and we will contact you shortly!