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High-Performance Connectivity with the flexibility of the Public Internet
Global Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from Epsilon offers high-performance connectivity with the flexibility of the Public Internet. DIA goes beyond “Best Effort” to enable you to rapidly connect enterprise locations around the world.

It is an ideal solution for turning-up multiple sites with a model built to simplify the last mile while delivering guaranteed quality of service globally. When you choose Epsilon, you can reduce the number of suppliers you use globally while increasing the performance of your applications and services.

We deliver fast and reliable DIA with guaranteed bandwidth for your sole use in over 180 countries across 6 continents.


  • Guaranteed Performance & Uptime 
  • Global Reach & Coverage 
  • Wide Choice of Bandwidth Options 
  • Can be Bundled with SD-WAN for Full End-to-End Service 
  • Comprehensive SLAs • 24/7 Technical Support & Service Monitoring 
  • CPE Delivery & Global Installation • Online Pricing through Infiny by Epsilon 
  • Guaranteed Speed for Both Upload & Download 


Flexible & Scalable Solution
Cost-effective solutions that give you the flexibility to change and adapt to growing bandwidth demands
Guaranteed Bandwidth
Our bandwidth speed is guaranteed. You decide on the speed you require and can rely on that same speed, every minute of the day

Local Peering
Local peering gets local traffic to its destination faster with more direct routing that enhances quality and performance

Guaranteed End-to-end Quality
End-to-end multi-level Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee high-quality interoperability and Internet services

Proactive Service Monitoring
Our 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) troubleshoots performance issues before they impact service quality 

Robust Peering and Partner Ecosystem
Global Internet Access is provided by cable and fibre connectivity to multiple upstream providers and peering partners, ensuring an ultra-reliable service 


A Flexible & Simple Model

Our flexible model is built to simplify the last mile with high performance connectivity

An Innovative Approach

Our bespoke intelligent networking technologies ensure guaranteed quality end-to-end that optimise applications and services

A Simple & Powerful Platform

Our Infiny on-demand connectivity platform gives you a comprehensive set of connectivity solutions from a single source

A Trusted Partner

With more than 15 years serving the sector we have a track record of helping our customers connect around the globe

Customer Service Excellence

Our team of expert engineers and customer-centric support 24x7x365 ensures maximum uptime and performance

Truly Global Coverage

Our global network offers you hyper-scalable infrastructure with connectivity to enterprise locations spanning the globe

Global Presence

We've over 220 points of presence globally


We've over 15 years of experience serving the sector


We've over 600 network operator relationships globally

Dedicated Support

We offer 24x7 dedicated support whole year round


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