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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is enabling fluid, elastic and intelligent networking in local markets and across the globe. It is removing the barriers to innovation in applications and services while freeing businesses to efficiently connect on-demand wherever they need to go. DCConect, with its partners Epsilon, GDS and CIDS will explain how they are enabling Chinese Service Providers and enterprises to benefit from hyper-connected and hyper-scalable networking. The workshop is an opportunity to learn about the new global capabilities available to DCConnect’s customers that are seamlessly delivered via its existing SDN platform.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
1. Platforms, Partnering & Global SDN: Seamless Access to Global Destinations
2. Applying SDN in Data Centre: Experience Sharing
3. APIs & Accelerating Global Connectivity: New Opportunities in Cloud-Centric Networking
4. Demo on SDN connectivity Provisioning via API
5. Turning Disruption Into Opportunities Of The Future

Join us in Shanghai to learn how DCConnect’s partnership with Epsilon will expand the scope of its platform and seamlessly deliver global SDN. This is a great opportunity to see the future of networking in action.



Organising Partner: 
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Duke Shu, Chairman, DCConnect

Hu Hai Bo, China Academy of Telecommunication Research, Ministry of Information Industry

Charmond Tsang, Head of Partnership, DCConnect


SDN removes the limitations on networking and as SDN goes global, businesses of all kinds can seamlessly connect and scale their operations around the world. DCConnect’s partnership with Epsilon enables its customers to connect beyond China using the same portal they’ve been using for local connectivity. Charmond Tsang, Head of Partnerships from DCConnect, will outline how businesses across China will benefit from inter-carrier orchestration and see their trusted platform seamlessly extend to 170+ countries. He will talk about the work DCConnect has been doing with Epsilon and how customers will benefit from Global SDN.  

Zhao Xin, Product Director and Network Architect, GDS


With the rapid growth of data centre scale and increasing demand of cloud computing usage, many strict requirements are imposed on data centre networks in terms of network operation and management, business service support, including centralized IDC network management requirements, super flexible networking requirements, and comprehensive Data Center IaaS requirements. Zhao Xin, Product Director and Network Architect, GDS will outline the basic function of SDN based data centre network architecture, its scalability and development, application case study with SDN based in GDS data centre network.  

Chin Woon Lee, Director of Product, Epsilon


Inter-carrier network orchestration is changing SDN. It enables partners to access each other’s Clouds, Data Centres, Internet Exchanges and Partner Ecosystem. The integration of APIs gives customers visibility into network performance across both partners’ footprints enabling them to monitor and manage services from a single portal. {Name}, {Job Title}, from Epsilon, explains how it approaches Cloud-centric Networking and API interoperability. He will discuss global network visibility, guaranteed Quality of Service and why this is a great opportunity to connect sites globally with on-demand connectivity.  


Amazon Cloud Computing Helps Enterprise IT Transformation and Innovation
Xu Wenbo, Technical Architect of Partnership, AWS


In the era of digitalization, there are many new enterprises established with innovation. Using digitalized technology to greatly improve the operation efficiency and obtain market recognition in order to break through in fierce market competition. It caused the traditional enterprises become vulnerable. Through the cloud architecture, Enterprise can increase productivity, shorten time of product launch, decrease cost, and become competitive advantage. At the same time, the convenience and flexibility of the cloud architecture enables companies to easily cope with unpredictable market demands. 

Qi Chao, Deputy General Manager, DCConnect


Sypnosis & Panellists

Epsilon invites industry leaders in China to discuss capturing new opportunities in a changing market. The panel will examine the drivers for change across the globe and the challenges that are unique to China. Each panellist will outline their vision and what it takes to be successful today.

This is an opportunity to hear some unique perspective on the evolution of networking in China and how different organisations are approaching this dynamic market.

Duke Shu, Chairman, DCConnect
Chin Woon Lee, Director of Product, Epsilon
Wang Qi, Senior VP, GDS
Guo Liang, VP, CIDS


  • Chin Woon Lee, Product Director, Epsilon

Chin Woon Lee

Woon Lee is an accomplished leader in Product Management. She has more than 20 years of experience in developing and managing cutting-edge Telecom Products covering Data, UC and Voice domains such as Ethernet, Cloud Connect, IP, Private Line Services, API, Portals and on-demand platforms.
As the Product Director of Epsilon, Woon Lee serves customers ranging from service providers, enterprises and born-in-the-cloud unicorns. She works with leading industry experts to develop next generation cloud-centric networks and transform traditional Data and Voice Products onto innovative on-demand platform.
Woon Lee started her career at Singtel in 1997. Prior to joining Epsilon, she held senior management roles at Vodafone Global Enterprise and Tata Communications.

  • Charmond Tsang, Head of Partnership, DCConnect

Charmond Tsang

Charmond has over 20 years of diverse experience in the telecommunications industry. In his current role at DCConnect Global, Charmond oversees business and technology partners relationship to enable large-scale digital transformations by unlocking the opportunities of the SDN, cloud and the virtualization ecosystem.
Charmond brings to the DCConnect a diversified management background in product strategy and business development. Charmond has also previously served as Senior Manager in a renowned telecommunication carrier. In this role, he led the commercial and international product functions including channel development, product development, vendors management, market analysis and global business development.
Charmond holds an MBA and a BEng in Electrical Engineering from the Middlesex University of the UK.

  • Qi Chao, Deputy General Manager, DCConnect

Qi Chao

Now working at Beijing DCConnect Technology Co., Ltd. Previously held important management positions in several domestic and overseas network communication operators with rich experience in operational service management to gain an in-depth understanding of communication solutions under different network application scenarios. At the same time, in-depth research on cloud network convergence, hybrid cloud networking, platform management and other related fields based on SDN technology.
  • Hu Hai Bo, China Academy of Telecommunication Research of the Ministry of Information Industry

Hu Hai Bo

Mr. Hu Hai Bo holds a master's degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, specializing in mobile communications. In 2004, he joined the China Academy of Telecommunication Research of the Ministry of Information Industry. He has been engaged in new technology of mobile and wireless communication, strategy and business development of telecommunications, applied science on software application and consultancy on telecommunication for more than a decade. He has been responsible for the 3G license and radio spectrum research in the China Academy of Telecommunication Research of the Ministry of Information Industry, the development of the telecommunications market regulatory and policy system development, the revision of the telecom business category catalogue value-added telecommunications business and related policy development; Various project research on telecommunications new business identification and the research of business development policy, internal open policy and open-door policy of telecommunication market and measures of implementation; He has won the bronze award under the Science and Technology of China Communications Society for many times, as the author of the revision of the "Telecom Business Classification Catalogue" value-added telecommunications business with new edition and supports the research on the free trade zone policy; Telecom market access and the acceptance of license application request, foreign investor enterprises  
entering China domestic market policy research, etc., he has yearly research and deep understanding of mobile and wireless communication and ICT market development, new technology and new business, and telecom market open-door policy and internal-open policy. Mr. Hu has held important positions in other areas including the Secretary-General of the China Cross-border Data Communication Alliance and members of the Expert Committee on new communication business of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Mr. Hu has participated in numerous conferences on the development and trends of cloud services and data centers.


  • Shu You Yi, Chairman, DCConnect

Shu You Yi

Mr. Shu DCConnect Global Limited and the founder of parent company Shenzhen Highcloud Technology Co., Ltd., Duke has worked in Emerson in different position from an engineer to the director of the large IDC cloud computing and big data business unit in Greater China, he has more than 10 years of senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies;
He has a master degree from Zhejiang University
  • Fu Bo Yan, Executive Vice President of the Information & Big Data of the China Information Association

Fu Bo Yan

Fu Bo Yan, former deputy secretary general of China Information Association, former president of China Information Industry magazine. He is currently the executive vice president of the Information & Big Data of the China Information Association, the executive vice president of the Quantum Information, the chairman of the China Big Data Application
Alliance, the chairman of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Alliance, the chairman of the Data Lake Ecological Alliance, and the development of China's data center industry. Honorary Chairman of the Alliance, chairman of the Association of Smart City, etc. He has been a driving force in information technology for a long time, focusing on big data, smart city, data center etc, and has conducted in-depth research
  • Zhao Xin, Product Director & Network Architect, CDIS

Zhao Xin

In 2012, Mr Zhao joined GDS before 2016, he was responsible for the implementation of the national network platform design architecture and operation and maintenance management and supported by the network core project. At the beginning of 2017, he is responsible
product management and development, business development for data centre service and network service in China. He has rich experience in data centre network, public cloud network, hybrid cloud network, financial industry network, operation network, architecture design, construction planning, and operation & maintenance management. About the disaster recovery centre, he also has extensive experience in planning, operator network, construction and operation and maintenance management. He has been an author for two books "specification for multi-operator interconnection and interoperability", "specification for cloud computing-based network security" and obtain patents on these books; has participated in many Ali private cloud, hybrid cloud network construction projects, hungry, Didi, and other Internet enterprise data center wide area network Construction projects, banking, trust and securities, fund network design and construction and network transformation and upgrading projects. GDS Data Center backbone network Phase I and Phase II, design and construction, SDN network upgrade project as project manager. Besides, he has experience in network service requirements including redundancy, hybrid cloud network architecture, software-defined network architecture deployment, network product standardization, and business process standardization.

  • Xu Wenbo, Technical Architect of Partnership, AWS

Xu Wenbo

Xu Wenbo has 8 years of experience in the IT industry. He has extensive experience in cloud computing, other enterprise IT technologies. He is responsible for the consultancy and network design of AWS-based cloud computing solution architecture, and also works on the application and promotion of AWS cloud services in China. 

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