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Europe has one of the most diverse and dynamic networking markets in the world. Our workshop will explore the different opportunities for inspiring networking innovation across Europe, from Cloud adoption to Software Defined Networking (SDN) models. With thought invoking presentations from Epsilon's industry-veterans, we'll share our approach and vision for the reinvention of the marketplace, while providing some tips and tricks for effective business development.

The workshop will delve into the following topics:
  • Future Connect: Turning Disruption into the Opportunities of the Future
  • Success in the Era of Cloud-centric Networking
  • Disrupt Europe: Networking Strategies for a Changing Market
  • Using Remote Peering to Create New Value in an IX Ecosystem

Join us within the vibrant city of London and share your unique perspective on the evolution of the constantly changing European networking market. Together we can drive innovation in networking. 


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Jerzy Szlosarek, Chief Executive Officer, Epsilon


Cloud will directly or indirectly influence more than a trillion dollars in IT spend by 2020, according to Gartner. This dramatic shift in the IT ecosystem must be reflected in global networking strategies and the services being delivered to enterprises. Carl Roberts, CCO, at Epsilon outlines his vision for Cloud-centric networking and how service providers globally have to reinvent their approach to networking in the Cloud era. Carl will touch on the drivers and challenges that Service Providers face as they transform their businesses to capitalise on global Cloud adoption and the growth of Cloud-first IT. 

Mark Daley, Director of Digital Strategy & Business Development, Epsilon


Europe has one of the most diverse and dynamic networking markets. It includes world leaders in Cloud adoption as well as some of the fastest growing markets in the world. Mark Daley, Director of Digital Strategy and Business Development at Epsilon discusses local market trends as well as unique opportunities across the entire region.

Mark will outline how on-demand connectivity is changing how service providers play in the European market as well as the impact of SDN on networking models, showcasing some of Epsilon's latest product innovations and roadmap. Mark will outline strategies for serving new demand in Europe and accelerating growth in the region. 

Halil Kama, Peering Advisor, LINX


London is a key communications hub in Europe and central meeting point for Service Providers and enterprises across the globe. It is an ideal location for peering and an increasing number of Service Providers and enterprises want to be present.

Halil Kama, Peering Advisor at LINX, will discuss how remote peering is expanding its ecosystem and the value of peering in a thriving hub like London. It will explain what remote peering means to new and existing members and how it has embraced remote peering as part of its growth strategy.

Mark Putt, Head of Technical Sales, Epsilon



Epsilon invites industry leaders from across Europe to discuss capturing new opportunities in a changing market. The panel will examine the drivers for change in Europe and the challenges that are unique to the region. Each panellist will outline their vision for the market and what it takes to be successful today and in the future.

Matthew Whalley, Director at ilex Content Strategies, will host the panel and share his thoughts on the future of the European market. This is an opportunity to hear some unique perspective on the evolution of networking in Europe and how different organisations are approaching this dynamic market. 

  • Kurtis Erik Lindqvist, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Director at LINX
  • Steve Hewson, Director of Operations & Services at Fixnetix
  • Simon Niland, Sales Specialist at Telstra
  • Leo Lundy, CTO at Imagine
  • Yannick Leboyer, VP Business Development and Product, Zayo
  • Matthew Whalley, Director at ilex Content Strategies 

17:00 - 19:00  

  • Mark Daley, Director of Digital Strategy & Business Development, Epsilon

Mark Daley Bio

Mark plays a leading role in identifying and developing Epsilon’s cutting edge Cloud and communication strategies, with a focus on market and customer needs.

A veteran telecommunications professional, Mark served 14 years with Telstra and other high profile Telecommunication companies such as NTT and eircom. Mark held leading Products and Marketing roles in Telstra’s move into the European market in the mid 90’s, and wrote NTT’s European ICT strategy in the mid-2000’s which they continue to deliver today, as well as winning NTT’s first ever World Communications Award. Mark has also held executive Marketing & Product Director positions at Cap Gemini TMN UK and spent 8 innovative years in the Mobile Roaming world including at WSI’s first US Roaming Hub and launching Syniverse’s first hosted intelligent network services portfolio. Recently, Mark spent 4 years at NetDev that had developed the next generation of web-based OTT voice, video and WebRTC service functions, as well as developing the leading innovative Audio Conferencing platform at BT, which now includes Spatial Audio.
  • Mark Putt, Head of Technical Sales, Epsilon

Mark Putt Bio

Mark heads up Epsilon’s Global Technical Sales in London. In addition to supporting the implementation and growth of strategic partnerships. He plays a pivotal role in the facilitation of Epsilon’s Channel Partner Programme. Mark brings a wealth of industry experience, having been a veteran telecommunications professional dating back to an apprenticeship with Post Office Telecommunications, now BT. He has spent his entire career in the ICT sector working in senior technical sales management roles at companies including Metropolitan Fibre Systems, Level3, KPN, and GTT. Mark has experience in Enterprise, Retail, and Wholesale markets and revels in supporting the diverse array of network service providers Epsilon serves. 
  • Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO, Epsilon

Jerzy Szlosarek Bio

Epsilon Co-Founder and CEO Jerzy Szlosarek is a seasoned industry executive with a strong sales and engineering background particularly in the global telecom markets. Leading Epsilon’s worldwide partner development and innovation initiatives, Jerzy has been central to the company’s success positioning Epsilon into Service Provider Networks worldwide.

Jerzy’s track record of success spans almost twenty years having progressed in Epsilon from the founding days as CTO during which Jerzy laid out the technical vision to running the Global Sales and Operations teams as COO before assuming the CEO position.

  • Matthew Whalley, Director, Ilex Content Strategies

Matthew Whalley

Matthew Whalley co-founded a marketing and communications agency Ilex Content Strategies. 

Ilex supports B2B Tech and Telecoms companies with Public Relations, Marketing Content and Sales Enablement. It supports the development of Channel Partner Programmes, Lead Generation campaigns and offline and online engagement.

Ilex serves start-ups through to billion-dollar businesses in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Our clients include Global Carriers, experts in SD-WAN, DRaaS and BaaS providers, Artificial Intelligence specialists and a whole range of innovators in B2B technology.

Matthew was the editor of Capacity magazine and the European Technology Content Director at global PR firm Edelman. His business development skills and entrepreneurial spirit have allowed him to create a content marketing business from the ground up and see it succeed as a thriving global business. Ilex is a Finalist in The Digiday Marketing and Advertising Awards Europe in the “Best Branding B2B Campaign” category for its work transforming a local UK start-up into a global leader in AI.
  • Halil Kama, Peering Advisor, LINX

Halil Kama Bio

Halil Kama is a peering advisor for the London Internet Exchange (LINX). The largest non-profit purely mutual Internet Exchange operator in the world. He has several years of experience working at the heart of the Internet with vast exposure to over 750+ of the top ranking Internet and telecoms companies globally, enabling connections to millions of users daily. 
  • Chadwick Kinlay, Director Marketing & Communications, Epsilon

Chadwick Kinlay Bio

Chadwick Kinlay heads up the Epsilon Group’s marketing and communications out of its Singapore HQ, bringing with him over 8 years’ telecommunications industry experience. He plays an instrumental role in developing Epsilon’s strategic marketing and communication plan with a focus on integrated global strategies for brand development. Prior to Epsilon he held various marketing positions across a broad set of industries including Banking, Hospitality and Pharmaceuticals. Chadwick received his Bachelor of International Business majoring in Business Management and Marketing from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.


Steve Hewson

Steve has over 20 years’ experience working on large-scale managed service projects in the banking industry. After starting his career at BT with their Global Networks team, Steve then moved into operations and services for the financial services industry, working particularly closely with exchanges and on outsourcing projects with a global reach.
As the Director of Operations and Service for Fixnetix, Steve is responsible for the overall delivery and following support of all services to customers.

Kurtis Erik Lindqvist

Kurt Erik “Kurtis” Lindqvist has a broad background in engineering and business development of ISP and worldwide carrier networks. He has spent the past 20 years working actively in the Internet community in several varied roles.
From 2002 to 2015 he was the CEO of Netnod. Kurt Erik has been the chairman of Euro-IX since 2003. He is also a dedicated WG Chair for RIPE where he has serve d as NCC-Services WG Chair since 2004. He is a regular and appreciated speaker at several International Internet conferences such as RIPE, APRICOT and Nanog.
Previously Kurt Erik has chaired the Multi6, shim6 and v6ops WGs in the IETF. He is also the co-author of two RFCs. Kurt Erik has served as a member of the Internet Architecture Board between 2005-2009.
Over the years Kurt Erik has participated actively in the development, standardisation and deployment of IPv6 in the IETF and various other operational forums. In addition Kurt Erik served as an adviser to the Swedish Minister of Information Technology and Energy cooperating with Anna-Karin Hatt and the Swedish Minister of foreign affairs, Carl Bildt.

Simon Niland

Simon is a Sales Specialist for Managed Network Services at Telstra, where he is responsible for developing new software defined horizons with Software Defined Networking, uCPE and SD-WAN across EMEA and the Americas. With over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, Simon has a wealth of technical experience across various roles at leading industry players, including Easynet Global Services. He has a BSc Hons degree in computing and business studies from De Monfort University, UK. 

Leo Lundy

Leo is the group CTO responsible for technology strategy for Imagine Communications Group . He has 31 years of experience in the software industry with the last 20 concentrating on Telecoms. He has overseen the design, development and deployment of Voice and fixed broadband networks since their inception and crosses most technologies. He has served as CTO of Coolwave, Aersoft, Voxpilot, Netsourse ASA and Strategic Systems International where he was also chief software architect. Previous to that he held senior technical roles within Digital Equipment Corporation.
Imagine Group is a strategic investor and have operated wireless broadband and fixed networks since 2002. They have recently acquired 3.6GHz spectrum in the Irish auction and are rolling-out TD LTE-A technologies optimised as a purely fixed access network to deliver broadband connectivity across rural Ireland. Imagine’s WTTx strategy of using TD LTE-A (migrating to 5G) to connect high performance CPE to fiber backhaul is proving to be faster to deploy with significantly lower cost compared to fiber access solutions in these rural areas. WTTx is emerging as a key strategic alternative to FTTx accelerating the delivery of 100% high speed broadband availability.

Yannick Leboyer

Yannick Leboyer is VP Business Development & Product Fiber Solutions at Zayo. In this role, he leads the continued expansion effort of our fiber infrastructure across Europe and supports our sales teams in driving revenue growth.

Prior to joining Zayo, Yannick held senior positions at Centurylink (formerly Level3), Bain & Company and BT.
Yannick is a graduate from Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and holds an MBA from London Business School.