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Easy and affordable access to inbound phone numbers
Create a presence in the exact locations you need it, with rapid access to global toll-free, non geographic and local inbound numbers.
Deliver local communications around the world

Epsilon’s Global Inbound Services gives you presence in multiple local markets with rapid access to global numbering. Access millions of local, national, mobile and toll-free numbers through a single partner. 

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Unique global presence 
Deliver your voice traffic to more than 100 countries, including hard-to-reach locations, to support your international business growth.  
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Maximum call quality and control
We aggregate and deliver inbound calls to guarantee low jitter and maximum call QoS, while giving you control of the inbound traffic with powerful and intelligent routing features. 
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Simplicity and efficiency
Our automated, self-service model makes procuring numbers a simple and efficient process, allowing you to provision inbound numbers in just 60 seconds.
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Liberate your business from fixed contracts
Setup and manage unlimited geographic and non-geographic numbers and scale capacity as required with zero fixed contracts.
We offer you extensive reach 

We’ve spent years interconnecting with carriers and cultivating the relationships so you don’t have to experience the administrative burden of managing multiple suppliers. With switching infrastructure installed globally, we are able to keep voice traffic in-region – improving routing and call quality for your end customers, no matter where it’s delivered. 

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Speak to our 
voice experts

We’ve been solving business connectivity and communications problems since 2003, so we know a thing or two about bringing the simplicity and efficiency to global inbound numbers procurement.

We’ve removed manual procedures and fully automated the process of procuring numbers to give our patners an exceptional customer experience.

Why choose Epsilon

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Instant availability
Start using fully tested numbers in minutes, ordered individually or as consecutive/contiguous blocks. Query the database by country, region, city and area code. Assign, provision and activate fully tested numbers automatically. 

Number porting
We understand the processes around porting numbers and making your experience as simple and efficient as possible. We liaise with all operators, manage the paperwork and provide technical support 24/7.

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Integrate your systems
Integrate into your own CRM, call management and customer support systems and port all your numbers through one interface and one point of contact. Our Infiny API allows you to seamlessly procure global numbers on your own platform.

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