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Transform Your Compute Infrastructure and Gain More Control
Make Your Network Cloud-ready

When cloud computing first landed, it was revolutionary for businesses of all sizes. It enabled them to reduce in-house infrastructure, scale their businesses without limits, and innovate faster than ever before. A major challenge holding back many companies from full adoption of the cloud however, has been a reliance on accessing cloud services via the public internet – a contended and unstable network, with security and performance vulnerabilities.

Major cloud providers set up “direct connect” products in response to this problem, working with network partners to provide dedicated Layer 2 MPLS circuits. However, none went as far as to develop products that gave businesses the self-service and smart networking capabilities with the same on-demand experience they were used to with cloud computing.

Cloud Connect makes connectivity to the Cloud simple, efficient and reliable. With an ever-growing ecosystem of Cloud Service Providers, we offer partners comprehensive connectivity options with direct Cloud access

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Kugenesh Segaran

Product Manager, Colocation & Cloud On-ramp

Simplify the digital transformation of your compute infrastructure

Bypassing the internet to connect directly to major cloud providers is often time consuming, costly and difficult to manage – typically involving multiple partners and varying SLAs in a complex and disparate manner.

Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solution removes all of these headaches by giving you the software and network combined to spin up or tear down connections and scale capacity on demand.

No more manual, complex and arduous processes for setting up individual direct connections to cloud providers, just one connection and one intuitive interface.

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Better security, better performance

Public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing services have become widely accessible to businesses via public internet connections.

But the payoffs of cloud adoption in business, are often let down by the vulnerabilities and performance issues that exist with connecting over the public internet, and the underlying physical networks that support the use of applications and cloud resources in modern businesses. Traditional networking models are simply not designed to support and fuel the growth of cloud.

Crossing the public internet has its perils because of the wide surface area of attack it creates as data passes through multiple networks to achieve the desired routing. This is called ‘multi-hop’ and each “hop” creates an opportunity for attack. It also requires processing time and adds latency, meaning performance is unreliable and unpredictable.

Why not just use VPN?

A VPN allows you to quickly create a private network over a more open network, and costs little more than the hosting compute power and total bandwidth transferred. However, VPN connections to cloud providers are still delivered at Layer 3, via a network provider across the public internet – meaning many of the same problems remain. This includes performance issues from inefficient routing, network attacks and congested connections. 

With Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solution, you’ll experience more stable, predictable connections to your cloud resources and applications, with lower latency and higher performance.

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Driving New Revenue Growth with White-label Cloud Connectivity

UK-based hosting solutions provider vXtream is using a white-label Cloud connectivity solution to serve more of its customers’ Cloud needs. It has adopted Epsilon’s Infiny connectivity platform and is using it to capture new revenue streams while increasing customer stickiness.


Alibaba Cloud Now Available on Infiny

Epsilon has joined the Alibaba Cloud Partner Network to deliver on-demand private connectivity to Alibaba Cloud via Express Connect across multiple data centre locations in Asia, Europe and North America.

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Driving Cloud Adoption in the Financial Services Sector.

Hentsu is providing hedge fund managers and the Financial Services community with rapid access to cloud applications using Infiny by Epsilon, a Software-defined networking platform.

Bring Seamless Connectivity to Hybrid Cloud

Connectivity can be one of the biggest pain points in a Hybrid Cloud strategy. Connecting directly to each Cloud service provider and data centre location globally is costly and becomes increasingly difficult to manage when more data and services are moved to the Cloud.

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If you’re looking to bolster your portfolio of network services with flexible, on-demand solutions, or divest in your own infrastructure and streamline your operations, then we’d love to hear from you.

Our award-winning software-defined networking (SDN) platform and portfolio of services, is available as a white label solution to system integrators and partners consulting on IT, network, cloud, digital transformation, communications, cybersecurity and more.