Capacity Management Engineer


Overall Purpose of Job
The role of Capacity Management Engineer is to provide and publish reports based on actual available capacity to the organisation and forecast capacity trends to enable the engineering team to install capacity on time. The network is multi-vendor and multi-technology.
The capacity management team is also part of the customer ordering process and working with the technical sales team, service delivery team and provisioning team to ensure smooth implementation and Just-In-Time capacity and port availability. The main objective is to allocate appropriate ports for pending and incoming orders, and in case where capacity is needed this should be triggered to engineering to build.
The Capacity Management Engineer is also involved in network consolidation projects to provide forecasts of free rack space and power based on consolidation projects.

Key Responsibilities
  • Collecting usage data from the network
    • ODF Port management and pre-cabling to MMR.
    • Equipment ports
    • Equipment slots
    • Rack space and power utilisation
    • Matrix utilisation
    • Switch fabric utilisation
    • Voice switch licenses usage
    • Voice number usage
  • Analysing the collected data and notify Engineering if any upgrades are necessary
  • Provide trending forecasts of network capacity growth, port take-up, and SIP licenses.
  • Provide forecasts of rack space and power based on network consolidation programmes and upgrades required.
  • Allocate ports to provisioning
  • Reserve ports and capacity for high profile orders.
  • Uploading new ports to online ordering systems
  • Uploading new voice numbers to online ordering systems
  • Take part in internal planning and Engineering meetings 

Job Requirements
  • Experience working with databases
  • Basic understanding of WDM, OTN, SDH, Ethernet, and MPLS with traffic Engineering
  • Basic understanding of SIP and Softswitch operations a plus, but not necessary.
  • Network operations experience from a NOC role or Migrations engineer role with a service provider
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good timekeeping
  • Ideally has a data scientist or software development background/education