The Cloud Needs Fuss-Free On Demand Infrastructure


Global networking needs a new model for connecting the cloud. Traditional networking models do not match the needs or expectations of cloud-focused businesses.

Today, network infrastructure needs the same flexible and dynamic characteristics that we see in cloud services. When the network is flexible and dynamic, the industry can move beyond a point-to-point destination-to-destination approach. Cloud-focused data centre businesses and enterprise customers need network services to evolve and be completely tailored to the cloud ecosystem.

Network infrastructure must mirror the simplicity, agility and efficiency of the cloud or face becoming obsolete or useless to users.

The future is on demand network infrastructure that is focused on supporting cloud services and can deliver the performance, quality of service (QoS) and agility demanded by data centre operators and enterprises globally. When access to network infrastructure is simple, secure, agile and on demand, it creates new possibilities for cloud service providers, data centre providers, enterprise customers and ultimately end users.

Growth in cloud has changed all that and customer needs have grown from basic connectivity to demanding full cloud-enablement platforms. Cisco Systems forecasts global cloud IP traffic will grow at a CAGR of 32% between 2013 and 2018. Global cloud IP traffic will account for more than 76% of total data centre traffic by 2018.That’s more than a disruption in the market. That’s a complete change, which has yet to be reflected in global networking architectures. It is obvious that cloud is the future for data centre operators as well as enterprises but as a core component of the cloud ecosystem the network needs to catch up.

So what is missing from networking today? It is a fuss-free experience when connecting, procuring, managing and delivering infrastructure that supports cloud services. Data centre operators and enterprises are faced with a complex market that is time and resource-intensive to navigate and ultimately is not completely tailored to meet their needs.

This is why they need a single platform where they can procure, manage, and monitor global infrastructure that directly supports their cloud services. The process of connecting clouds needs to be fuss-free and ready to scale and adjust to the needs of the enterprise.

If you’d like to learn more our vision for fuss-free on demand infrastructure, please read our whitepaper here.