Stop Looking for a Killer App, Look for Killer Infrastructure


Any step forward in the communications industry is followed by the question, “What is the killer app that will push this over the top?” There have been no killer apps for intelligent networking since day one. The early adopters will be able to differentiate their service offering and compete on complete QoS and QoE.

Intelligent IP networking offers operators complete control over application performance and eliminates the QoS issues that have hampered the move to an all-IP infrastructure. New depths of data and visibility in the network mean that operators can confidently move away from TDM, reduce costs by converging to an all-IP network and maintain a single set of infrastructure. With new intelligence in the network, the complete transition to IP can happen.

They will first adopt, then adapt to new capabilities and offer customers better application performance, but it will not stop there. Intelligent networks will be the foundation for a new range of innovation and enable the killer applications of the future. It is killer infrastructure rather than a killer app that is fundamentally important.

An isolated operator can adopt intelligent networking but this killer infrastructure is even more powerful when operators begin to interconnect intelligent networks. When more operators are focused on complete QoS and are interconnected they can mine seamless global intelligence and deliver application performance across networks.

The more operators that are mining real-time data across networks, the scope of IP innovation can grow. A new range of IP applications can be developed and managed because the network will be ready to cope with extreme performance demands. Intelligence in the network will be the catalyst for the next era of IP communications.

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