Epsilon’s Singapore Colocation Facility Accredited Tier 3 Site Certification

Recently we embarked on a significant project at our Epsilon Global Hub data centre in Singapore; expanding the floor area whilst improving our capabilities to offer higher power density. It is an exciting project for us not only as a core infrastructure expansion, but also in terms of the service capability and standards we present to our customers.

Our focus on customer-centricity continues to drive us towards growing and evolving our services. We pride ourselves on providing consistent high-quality product offering that our customers and partners can rely on.

With few exceptions, companies today rely heavily on IT and networking capabilities for the delivery of business-critical services and often directly to the end consumer. It is therefore vital that mission-critical data centre is designed, maintained and operated with high availability and efficiency in mind.

As such, we are pleased to share that the Epsilon Global Hub co-location facility in Singapore has been designed and built based on globally accepted standards and is now certified as a ANSI/TIA-942 Tier 3 data centre. This is important for us to build reliable and scalable infrastructure into the foundation of our global network footprint. We must be able to support customers and partners to rapidly meet the needs of enterprises, digital businesses and Internet start-ups.

According to PwC, Asia Pacific’s data centre services market size will exceed the European market size by 2021. We want to be ready for this next wave of transformation by giving our customers the capabilities to support new business strategies and power the digital roll-out of new applications and technologies.

Strategically located in the key Asian interconnect hub of Singapore, Epsilon Global Hub enables customers to rapidly connect to a dense mesh of networks and other data centre locations on our network fabric. Epsilon’s global footprint extends to over 220 Points of Presence (PoPs) in major interconnect hubs globally whilst interconnecting more than 600 Service Providers as well as Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges (IXs).

With connectivity at our core, Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform enables our Global Hub customers to rapidly order, activate and manage local, regional and global connectivity and communication services at the click-of-a-button.

Our customers are at the heart of this expansion. It is about serving our customers better, enabling them to meet growing networking demands. Most importantly, we are committed to be the trusted provider that offers our customers the assurance of a high performance, highly secure and resilient hosting environment with the power of choice for connectivity.

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Woon Lee Chin

Product Director