EPSILON – Leading by example


An excerpt from LEAPING UP THE CARRIER VALUE CHAIN – Hot Telecom “The Five Asian Tigers”

How do you see Epsilon’s role in enabling the leap that carriers need to take to continue to thrive?

Our roadmap for the future is following three main paths: Technology, Intelligence and Cloud.

We have invested in a technology division with its R&D in California which is looking at understanding what is going on in Layer 7 of the communication structure and delivers technology which supports VoLTE, VoWiFi and enables applications such as WebRTC, unified communication and service intelligence. Within this, the discussions we have with our customers are about providing the necessary environment or ecosystems to enable quality of experience, rather than selling components.

The second path is self-service and eCommerce. We are working at providing our customers with visibility into their network and empowering them to self-service and self-networking. Real time SDN and technology enablement is key here to help them move their commercial model toward improved efficiency and towards a world where order to delivery instantaneously is a reality.

Finally, we are working on deploying our cloud infrastructure connectivity services, which would also include dedicated and managed servers and platforms where people can just put down their application software and serve their clients, while we look after the infrastructure. This will enable us to target not only clients outside the carrier segment in the cloud and application space,but also data centres as customers for this service.