Cloud Success: The Right Platform, The Right Mindset


Since day one at Epsilon, we’ve been giving customers the simplest way to procure and manage global connectivity. More than 10 years ago, we were supporting service providers as they delivered voice and data. Today, we are connecting clouds. While it may be a big change for the industry, the shift in the market has made us realise where we really add value and that it is in keeping it simple.

Throughout our evolution, it has been about finding new ways to deliver services with the simplest and most efficient model possible. We have never been a traditional provider and we think this helps us as cloud reshapes the market. Our business doesn’t have a legacy that is deeply entrenched in one way of doing business. We’ve always seen ourselves as not just a different kind of business but a business that is ready for change.

One of our greatest achievements was seeing a service provider in Southeast Asia provision services in West Africa with no prior relationships or knowledge of pricing in the market. It was fuss-free and simple and it made a difference in their business.Similarly, we’ve launched Cataleya, a subsidiary focused on developing intelligent networking equipment. This has enabled us to integrate new levels of performance and visibility into our platform. That supports quality of service and experience for cloud services with visibility end-to-end from the network to application layers.

Throughout our journey, we have been preparing to serve the kinds of demands that are emerging in the market today. Culturally, we have focused our business on the cloud and done the heavy lifting to ensure that our teams have the right mind set not just the right platform to succeed in servicing enterprises and data centre operators.

We really believe that a better connected cloud is essential to the future and to the future of our customers.

If you’d like to learn more about our vision for the cloud, read our whitepaper Connecting the Cloud with On Demand Infrastructure: